Three Tips For Choosing A Court Reporting Service

Court reporting services can be invaluable to legal professionals as these services can allow accurate and binding transcripts of proceedings to be prepared. Unfortunately, there are many that may be new to reserving these services, and this could lead to mistakes or other problems. If you are to get the most out of your use of court reporting services, it is imperative to keep a few key points in mind throughout this process. Read More 

Has Your Social Security Disability Application Been Denied? How To Prepare For The Appeals Hearing

If your application for Social Security Disability benefits has been denied, it's time to get ready for the appeals process. During the appeals hearing, you'll be able to provide evidence, and detailed information that will help you obtain the approval that you need. You want to be as prepared as possible for your appeals hearing. This is your opportunity to have your case heard in its entirety. The information provided here will help you be prepared for your hearing. Read More 

3 Tips That Will Help Your Court Reporter Accurately Capture Your Deposition

If you are working with a new court reporting firm to capture deposition for a case, here are three things that you can do that will make it easier for your court reporter to be successful with your deposition. #1 Provide Context About The Case The first thing you can do is provide context about the case. Let the court reporter know what the case will cover. Inform them of any specific terminology may be discussed. Read More 

Are You At The End Of Your Workers’ Comp?

For those injured at work, your employer provides you with a form of insurance made to cover your medical bills and some of your salary. This means that you don't need to come up with money for those expensive doctor's visits, hospitalizations, surgeries or even medication. If you are now earning these benefits, you should realize that they will not go on indefinitely. Read on to learn more about what could happen if you cannot return to work in a timely enough manner. Read More 

3 Steps In The Probate Process

When your loved one dies, there are a lot of things that you will have to deal with. That includes their will or lack thereof. The process of handling that is called probate. But what does the probate process look like? Filing a Petition with Probate Court The first thing that you need to do is file a petition with the probate court. The petition asks the court to recognize the will and accept it so that the estate can be handled. Read More