3 Tips That Will Help Your Court Reporter Accurately Capture Your Deposition

If you are working with a new court reporting firm to capture deposition for a case, here are three things that you can do that will make it easier for your court reporter to be successful with your deposition. #1 Provide Context About The Case The first thing you can do is provide context about the case. Let the court reporter know what the case will cover. Inform them of any specific terminology may be discussed. Read More 

Are You At The End Of Your Workers’ Comp?

For those injured at work, your employer provides you with a form of insurance made to cover your medical bills and some of your salary. This means that you don't need to come up with money for those expensive doctor's visits, hospitalizations, surgeries or even medication. If you are now earning these benefits, you should realize that they will not go on indefinitely. Read on to learn more about what could happen if you cannot return to work in a timely enough manner. Read More 

3 Steps In The Probate Process

When your loved one dies, there are a lot of things that you will have to deal with. That includes their will or lack thereof. The process of handling that is called probate. But what does the probate process look like? Filing a Petition with Probate Court The first thing that you need to do is file a petition with the probate court. The petition asks the court to recognize the will and accept it so that the estate can be handled. Read More 

Important Facts You Should Know About Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy When You Are Active Duty Military

If you are currently in the military and your debts have risen to the point where you cannot see a way to ever pay them off, you have probably considered the possibility of declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Given that 596,867 people initiated that action in 2015, it is obvious that the option to remove almost all debt without the need to make financial reparations appeals to many individuals. Therefore, it is a good idea to be aware of the important information provided below when you are ready to get your second chance for an improved financial future. Read More 

Understanding Penalties For A Second DUI Offense

It's recommended that you seek the assistance of a legal professional if you are facing a second DUI charge, as every state considers this a very serious offense. Having an existing DUI conviction on your record means that the law classifies you as a repeat offender. The result is steeper fines and penalties than someone who is only on their first offense. A DUI lawyer can help make fighting a second DUI charge less stressful and improve your chances of having your charge reduced. Read More